Turn Market Uncertainty into a Competitive Advantage

Moves The Needle helps organizations adopt an “entrepreneurial spirit” to create customer value, find new growth,  and execute more efficiently.

We’re Different

We don’t do theory. We don’t do front of the class room “thought leadership.” Pardon the pun, but we Move the Needle. Our job is to help your teams drive impact by creating a blueprint for success and partnering with you to execute upon it.

We’re not just talk. We do hands-on, intensive change management acceleration. We build culture by doing. Teams and leaders work with a new mindset on actual business problems with intensive coaching within a discreet time frame.

Outcomes matter. We employ exploration skills blending human-centered design, rapid experimentation, Agile, and evidence-informed decision-making to reduce “unknowns”, validate assumptions, and cut through personal biases.

Create Value. Being customer-centric means solving customer needs. How one measures the progress toward success is vital. Being on time and under budget is of little consequence if your customers don’t care.

Yes, everyone says they’re different. But see what our customers say:

What keeps you up at night?

We can help you break through your obstacles.

We Teach.

We offer workshops, sprints, and accelerator programs that teach Lean Innovation skills tailored to your unique challenges. All of our engagements are hands-on-doing, resulting in real business outcomes. This isn’t theory, it’s hard work. But in the end, it’s rewarding for both the people and the organization.

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We Coach.

Our expert coaches hail from diverse backgrounds including startup entrepreneurs, corporate innovation veterans, functional experts, and business unit leaders.We hone your exploration craft to optimize the efficiency of your execution engine, while uncovering new growth opportunities. 

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We Advise.

Our objective is to align work with strategic priorities. You should be able to draw a straight line from people’s work to business outcomes. Our advisory services establish market needs, create cascading missions, new communications flow,and progress impact metrics to optimize your near and long term business goals.

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