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How The City of Hayward is Using Lean Innovation to Spark Transformation -

Schibsted Classified Media deployed new delivery service in months - - not years.

Schibsted Classified Media deployed new delivery service in months

– not years.

Edmunds.com Streamlines Automobile Purchases -

Edmunds.com Streamlines Automobile Purchases

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Nonprofit Innovation: NCARB Brings New Product to Market


Customer Stories:

“A three-day “innovation boot camp” by Moves the Needle helped Hayward city employees tackle tricky problems, address community concerns and develop new, more efficient ways of doing business on behalf of the public.”



“Through the methodology shared and great teamwork with colleagues from different functions, I learned that we can achieve so much by moving out of the comfort zone and going bolder in our actions as long as it is aligned with objective to solve the customer problems.

— – Ruzanna Yuzer Senior Manager, AIA


“Takes conventional innovation theory & wisdom and turns it upside down”

— Sharmin Moten, Innovation Principal Hyatt

“I am not easy to please when it comes to professional development—I’ve been through quite a few trainings over the years. In my 18 years in education experience, this rises to the level of one of the best professional development sessions I’ve ever been through. Everything was so well paced, practical, useful, and real. Most importantly, this will have a measurable and tangible ROI for my team and me.”

— Ian R. Roark, Ed.D. Vice President of Workforce Development, Pima Community College, Tucson, AZ


“What we found, is that using Moves the Needle methods against a concrete business problem accelerates the pace of learning and makes everyone’s involvement a lot more tangible, because it impacts what they’re actually trying to do in their core jobs. ”

— Seth Berkowitz, President, Edmunds.com


“I would recommend Moves The Needle to anyone interested in learning lean startup, and what it can do for you and your organization.”

— Tony Minick, Director of Product Management, LexisNexis