“Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

Digital Transformation technology is great for business, but insufficient for the modern era. Successful transformation is not just about creating digital products, it’s about transforming the way people work, and even how they are organized.

This is the secret sauce digitally-born companies already know. It’s why Amazon, Google, and Microsoft move so quickly compared to other companies. It’s why digital-native companies benefit during times of uncertainty. 

While yes, you must transform too; it’s not like a massive reorganization. It’s an evolution that begins with mindset change and must occur in the core business. Only then will a 20th century business become 21st century RAD: Resilient, Aware, and Dynamic.

Read on for how to kickstart change and drive impact now.

CEO and NYT bestselling author Brant Cooper discussses what it means to be RAD. (2:25)


Resilient companies are planted firmly in what they know to be true. Knowing is backed by evidence. They are in touch with the core DNA that first launched the business. They are devoted to their mission: to provide value for their customers based on their expertise and differentiation.

They understand that customer delight + happy, committed employees = shareholder value. Resilient companies are committed to their ethical values, holding leaders accountable to walking the talk, and seeking alignment with their people.

Moves the Needle’s teaching, coaching, and advisory services are designed to meet you where you are, leverage your existing capabilities, and take you to the next level of performance.

We’re not here to introduce you to new frameworks, change what works, or sell you a bridge to startup land.

We’re here to add some juice, tweak some bolts, open a door, so you can become the 21st century organization you want to be.


Aware organizations keep a pulse on what’s happening both externally and internally. Externally, people seek to understand the needs, desires, and aspirations of their customers. They research how the needs the business currently addresses might be affected by new technology, world events, and changing demographics. They scout and invest in startups and emerging technology. They are a participant in the innovation community.

Aware companies keep tabs on economic conditions around the globe, as well as uncontrollable events like pandemics, catastrophic storms, or the dramatic effects of climate change. They see changes coming that affect supply chains and manufacturing, understand the consequences of cyber attacks and war.

Awareness requires purposeful communications flow up, down, and across the organization. Most knowledge lives on the edge of the organization, not the core. Conscious implementation of communications flow fosters shared values and creates alignment from top to bottom and across functions.

Moves the Needle teaching, coaching and advisory services, help you harness information to be a competitive advantage and stay multiple steps ahead of the unaware.


Dynamic organizations have the ability to change built into the organization. They constantly evaluate new information with an eye to pivoting or shifting gears in order to capitalize on opportunities or avoid pitfalls. They do not change willy-nilly, but evaluate the immediate benefits and seek to improve long-term strength.

From the front lines to the C-suite, employees are empowered to pull the emergency cord, to seek permanent improvement over patching problems. Dynamic companies do not hide from risk, but seek to mitigate it. They see uncertainty as opportunity and constraints as challenges to overcome. Big wins come from breaking through thick walls.

Dynamic companies seek diversity because it brings new and varied perspectives, resulting in innovative solutions and new markets. Back-office functions are not “corporate anti-bodies”, but enablers of growth and positive change.

Moves The Needle’s teaching, coaching and advisory services create internal dynamism that endures; that starts small and creates its own momentum; that is embedded as a core strength; and that propels the organization’s DNA to evolve into its best 21st century self.

We help you evolve from responding to change through reorgs, to adapting on-the-fly to capitalize on opporuntity.

How we work with you

We Teach.

We offer tailored workshops, sprints, and accelerator programs depending on the business challenge at hand. All our engagements are hands-on-doing, resulting in real business outcomes. This isn’t theory, it’s hard work. But in the end, it’s rewarding for both the individuals involved and the organization.

We Coach.

We hone your exploration craft to optimize the efficiency of your execution engine, while uncovering new growth opportunities. Our expert coaches observe, provide actionable feedback, and challenge leaders to achieve their next level of great. We help you develop great talent, delight customers, and deliver bottom-line results.

We Advise.

Our objective is to align people’s work with strategic priorities. You should be able to draw a straight line between what people do and business outcomes. Our advisory services help establish cascading missions, communications flow, performance metrics, and market needs analysis in support of your annual objectives, as well as longer term goals.