Digital Transformation Accelerator

The Digital Transformation Accelerator is an impact-focused, milestone-driven, 12-week program to discover market opportunities, test assumptions, and leverage evidence to fund, pivot, or kill new ideas.

Blending “Agile” practices, human-centered design, and rapid experimentation, teams learn to balance execution and exploration in a fast-paced program to drive the organization forward. How it works:

Transformation Challenge

Digital Transformation is not about technology, but about mindset. It’s not “let’s build a mobile app”, but how do we transform as an organization to adapt to the digital world?

Interdisciplanary Teams

Rather than relying on executing “best practices”, teams comprised of  talent from a diversity of functions, experiences, and expertise discover how to respond to changing needs.

Empathy, Experiments, Evidence

Teams practice a blend of agile, design thinking and lean startup to balance execution and exploration work. They establish stakeholder needs, while developing solutions to overcome the “unknown.”

Team of Teams

Middle management is a strategic layer, aligning the output from agile teams with the priorities of senior leadership. They represent the higher context of the combined team missions.

Growth Board

Executive leaders make decisions informed by real world, market-based evidence. They mentor teams and fund initiatives not based on whim, but on their progress toward desired outcomes.