Lean Innovation Fundamentals Remote Workshop


Customer-centric, customer-obsessed, customer-driven are easy words to say, but surprisingly difficult to do. These workshops from Moves The Needle helped turn these words in actual behaviors for our team. It will be a game-changer for us.

— Piritta Van Rijn, Chief Product Officer, TaxAct

This immersive, 2 day workshop is designed to help you master the essentials of lean innovation to solve critical business problems during these challenging times. Join us to learn a framework for identifying new opportunities, creating bold solutions, getting them funded, and driving impact, all while working remotely.

Each day consists of a three hour, remote workshop session.

Download and share the Detailed Agenda for the workshop series.


  • Understanding a “learning” mindset to drive transformation

  • Innovation tools to validate business model rapidly

  • Evidence-based decision-making to support project funding


Evidence-based decision-making, communicating for impact, customer-problem-solution zooms, customer empathy tools, design thinking techniques, prioritizing assumptions, rapid experimentation, prototyping with minimal resources, managing the work with Agile, writing user stories from experiment results.

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