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August Q&A

Join NYT bestselling author Brant Cooper as he hosts a live Q&A to discuss current topics. 

Reducing Uncertainty in your HR Department | Explore in the Core

Join us on November 22 at 11am PST/2pm EST for a LinkedIn Audio event with Brant Cooper, where he will talk about using "explore in the core" to reduce uncertainty […]

The Role of Innovation Labs

What are innovation labs and what role do they play? It's not up to the innovation labs or teams to produce innovation. What they should really be about is an […]

Rise of Product Management – LinkedIn Live event

We’ll be discussing:- Where did product management come from?- Product management's relevance and growth in corporate America- How executives need to be thinking about product management Click here to RSVP!

Re-thinking How to Delegate – LinkedIn Live Audio Event

What does delegation mean, and how can you do it more effectively?Often, leaders will delegate tasks, rather than helping them understand the desired outcomes. Proper empowerment rewards people’s intelligence and […]

The Uncertainty of Support Functions | LinkedIn Live Audio Event

Will support function departments (HR, legal, finance etc) be replaced by AI? It seems like every week there’s a new declaration that white-collar jobs are doomed by emerging tech. Instead of looking to replace these roles, however, leaders should be looking to evolve them. Technology has always automated tasks no matter the color of your collar. AI […]

The Human Side of Digital Transformation | LinkedIn Live Audio Event

Surviving and thriving in the digital world does not mean mastering technology. It’s about instilling a new mindset – one that can match the speed and agility of today’s economic activity, while solving real-world problems that benefit us all. The path forward is to create RAD organizations: resilient to endless disruptions, aware of changing customer […]

Solving the Personal Productivity Dilemma

The debate that has raged on since the pandemic; personal productivity. We would argue that being in the office does not make someone more productive than working from home. In this LinkedIn audio event, Brant Cooper will be going over how to maximize personal productivity by the use of a KANBAN board.