Slide Are you Executing
or Exploring
( Do you know? )

Achieving your mission is a fluid journey that requires intent listening and delivering value.

Learning and doing must move hand-in-hand; efficiency for efficiency’s sake or innovation for innovation’s sake is wasteful theater. Execution & exploration — balanced based on knowing vs uncertainty.

Use “Agile” processes to balance execution & exploration work.

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Impact Metrics: Measure progress toward outcomes, not tasks.

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Your mindset change journey must be ground up, not top down.

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Let me tell you something — Henry Ford knew how to assemble an automobile; there is no question of that. However, we are no longer in the Industrial age. Welcome to the Digital Age, where complexity and endless disruption are the new norm. To keep up, we must evolve our way of working.

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The 5 Jobs to Address Uncertainty


Uncertainty due to increased complexity looms around every corner — a constant we can count on. Winning does not mean merely trying harder. We must be aware of what we don’t know, willing to explore, able to quickly change course.

Is Disruption the New Normal?

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A New Equilibrium

Turn down the noise when the gears are grinding, rusty with age, out of tune with the current environment. Accept the discord as a sign to search for a new way, to sync like a symphony, finding the melody, hitting all the right chords.