Executing is as easy as A, B, C.

(Until you get punched in the mouth*)

*Iconic quote courtesy boxing legend Mike Tyson

Uncertainty is everywhere

Doing and learning must move hand-in-hand. Innovation disrupts the edge, but starts in the core. We must work differently when faced with uncertainty.


  • Supply chain disruptions
  • Ransomware attacks
  • Mass resignations
  • Energy grid collapses


The world,  increasingly complex


  • Global interconnectivity
  • (Mis)Information moving at the speed of light
  • Customer agility
  • Knowledge lives on the edge
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Employee (dis)engagement

New opportunities emerge

Turn down the noise when the assembly line gears are grinding, rusty with age. Accept the discord as a sign to learn new ways to adapt, to become RAD: Resilient. Aware. Dynamic.

Look to new ways of thinking, working and organizing, based on 5 Elements of RAD:

  • Empathy—understanding needs, aspirations and obstacles
  • Exploration—admitting the know and seeking to learn
  • Evidence—challenging biases with data and insights
  • Equilibrium—balancing execution and exploration
  • Ethics—maintaining values and social norms

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