Exploration Services

Our aim is to help you drive near term impact, increase operational efficiency, and find new growth opportunities. We do this by combining the best of design thinking, lean startup, and agile principles and practices. We teach you how to apply them anywhere uncertainty exists to discover how to overcome obstacles created by uncertainty.

Our methodology does not replace those activities you may already have in place, but rather augments them with additional skills necessary to balance execution work with exploration.

They are explicitly designed to benefit the core business, in order to increase internal efficiency, overcome obstacles to growth, and discover new opportunities.

Challenges and opportunities are two sides of the same coin. What questions are you asking?

Sales & Marketing

  • How do we jump-start sales?
  • How can marketing and sales work better?
  • What adjacent markets should we look at?
  • How should we launch in new region?

Functional Support Teams

  • How can HR help employee retention?
  • How can the legal team support innovation?
  • How can the finance team invest in growth?
  • How can IT improve customer satisfaction?

Existing Products

  • How can we improve our NPS scores?
  • How can we increase engagement?
  • What changes are required for new market?
  • How can design and R&D better collaborate?

Our most popular services:


Our workshops are live, hands-on, learn-by-doing events that teach exploration skills, inspire creative problem-solving, and make impactful progress on your real world business challenges. Our expert coaches combine big business and startup experience to demonstrate how to be agile, truly customer-centric, and move fast.

Innovation Champions Coaching Program

Our “coach the coaching” program instills both the IQ and EQ components necessary to become an igniter of passionate and creative problem solving. Using a proven integration of agile, design thinking, and lean startup skills, your coaches will understand how to create powerful, collaborative teams that achieve impactful results.


Our Accelerator program uniquely takes internal teams, full time or part time, through a rigorous application of agile, design thinking, and lean startup. Combined with a leadership group of internal “investors”, teams make significant progress on real business issues that provide measurable ROI on transformational learning.

We’ve helped some of the the biggest brands explore: