You’ve heard of hackathons—tech people build minimum viable products (MVP) in a couple of days. The problem is that it doesn’t solve for where the real risk is: Does anyone care about the MVP? We know we can build stuff, the question is should we?

Impackathons seek to answer that question. Impackathons are fun, engaging and powerful events where teams practice developing empathy, running experiments, and sharing evidence in pursuit of solving real business problems. In two days.

For more information and a free DIY event guide, see here.


Bring your challenges

Challenges come from individual contributors, customers, and leaders facing internal efficiency issues that seek solutions in the near term.

Human-centered design

Learn how to engage with customers, users, and other stakeholders to develop empathy, understand their needs, desires and aspirations.

Rapid experimentation

Solutions come with a set of assumptions about how customers and other stakeholders will behave in response. Test your assumptions.

Share evidence

Leaders should fund solutions not based on their biases, but based on the evidence that the solutions will work. Teams learn to story tell their journey.

Drive impact

Ultimately, all this is about making the business better. When faced with uncertainty, Impackathons help you must explore solutions.