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Business units transformed


Case Study

Transforming a €17.5 Billion, 300+ Year Old Bank

In partnership with the Chief Innovation Office, MTN and ING pioneered a transformation model named “PACE” based on MTN’s Lean Innovation: customer empathy, rapid experimentation, and agile practices.

The Situation

Coming out of the Great Recession, ING’s senior leadership and board of directors understood digital transformation meant much more than merely digitizing products. In fact, the technology was the easy part.

Working with Moves The Needle will innovate your mindset.”
— Gerrit Stoelinga Regional CEO Wholesale Banking Asia

How do you change the nature of work in a 300 year old company employing more than 50K people in more than a dozen countries? How do you teach, inspire and manage them? How do you bring new skills to middle management? How do you become truly customer driven, fast moving, and agile?

Our Impact

Moves the Needle was brought in to develop and teach tailored Lean Innovation curricula, build internal coaching capability, and bring a new mindset to employees and their leaders.

  • MTN built and launched accelerator programs in 10 business units employing over 3000 professionals, 400 leaders and 100 coaches working in the new way.
  • MTN Launched the ING experiment academy to lead experiment design practices for PACE applied to everyday to future innovation time horizons.
  • As of 2020, 68% of internal projects were testing minimum viable products in the market. 
  • ING merged traditional scaled agile with PACE practices across the entire company, completing a uniquely ING organization design.