Today, MTN co-founder Aaron Eden hosts Roy Rosin, chief innovation officer for Penn Medicine.

Previously, Roy served as the first VP of innovation for Intuit (the makers of TT, Quickbooks and Quicken). Roy also built innovation programs that dramatically increased entrepreneurial activity, with annual new releases increasing from 5 per year to 30, while time to market decreased from one year to a few months.

After five years of Intuit’s new approach to growth, the company had delivered shareholder returns of 3 times Google and 33 times the S&P 500.

Roy received his MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business and graduated with honors from Harvard College. Outside of work he serves as a board member and angel investor for venture funded startups, an advisor to Fortune 100 companies and a coach to his son’s little league baseball teams.

Some areas of focus from this episode are:

  • Roy’s background and experience.
  • Responsibilities as CINO inside Penn Medicine.
  • How Penn Medicine has driven significant impact through their Heart-Safe Motherhood program.
  • Key behaviors that leaders of growth teams must consistently role-model.
  • Top barriers to growth in a large, successful healthcare organization.

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