How to use the Toolkit

Moves the Needle’s Innovation Toolkit is designed to be used in the context of your Lean Innovation work. The tools cover each stage of your work – Empathy, Experimentation, and Evidence.

You will find three components for each tool in this toolbox:

  1. Objective: Describes the objective and outcome of using the tool
  2. When To Use It: Outlines the practical use-case for the tool
  3. Step-by-step Instructions: Provides each step for utilizing the tool including timing

From this page, you have access to all of the tools in the toolkit. Download them all now or check them out one at a time, and don’t forget to take pictures and mention us on Twitter to show us your progress!


Best Practice: We suggest printing out each tool in its full size and utilizing them as a team in an open and public place.


Instructions for Use

Customer Zoom

Problem Zoom

Solution Zoom

Value Stream Discovery Loop


Tools and Resources


customer+zoom.pngCUSTOMER ZOOM

Zoom in on your customer to identify needs, behaviors, pains, and most importantly, opportunities.

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B2C Download


problem+zoom.pngPROBLEM ZOOM

Zoom in on your customer’s problem to uncover their desired outcomes and pains.

B2B Download

B2C Download


solution+zoom.pngSOLUTION ZOOM

Zoom in on your potential solution so you can identify your minimum viable product options.

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value+stream+discovery+loop.pngVALUE STREAM DISCOVERY LOOP

Define actionable metrics around your customer’s journey from awareness all the way through to passionate.



lean+innovation+principals.pngLEAN INNOVATION MANIFESTO

Guiding principles for organizations to thrive in a world full of rapid technological change and uncertainty.



5 ways to spark innovation image5 WAYS TO SPARK INNOVATION

Leverage some of our favorite tactics that we’ve seen spark transformation and drive impact time and time again.



Value Stream Discovery canvas

Use the Value Stream Discovery canvas to view a customer’s interaction with a company in order to determine which metrics are vanity, and which actually drive impact.