Determine which customer to prioritize when you have multiple high value customers.

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After you have completed your empathy interviews, and you have organized themes and insights using the Customer Insight Board, you will then group and rank your potential customers by the following categories:

  • Pain (Feels the most urgent and immediate pain)
  • Budget (Has budget to solve the problem)
  • Communication (How easy they are reach and communicate with)
  • MVP Complexity (How easily you can create an MVP solution to address their pain)
  • Market Size (They have a huge global market)
  • These are just the primary categories, but there may be other identifying categories unique to your use case.



1. Brainstorm & Document Customer Segments (10 minutes)

Imagine you are standing in a crowded room where this customer is one of the many people in attendance. You must describe this single person to someone else, so that they can easily identify your customer in the crowd. Document the customer on a stick note and place on board.


2. Rank Customers (20 minutes)

Rank each customer H for high, M for medium, or L for low for each characteristic.


3. Pick Your Strongest Segment (3 minutes)

Look at each Customer row and see which customer has the highest pain in the six categories and begin to focus.


Access the Segmentation Matrix and Toolkit Now


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