To identify the specific functionality you must deliver in order to provide the value that you’ve promised (refer to your Problem Zoom) and to “Zoom-in” on the MVP version of your eventual hypothesized solution.



When you need to clarify and articulate your value proposition and what you need to build in order for your idea to succeed.



1. Brainstorm Features (10 minutes)

Brainstorm 5-10 key features. After identifying your idea, brainstorm the necessary features that will bring the idea to life. What specific functionality will deliver the value that you promise? What are the non-negotiable, must-have features? Be as specific as possible here.


2. Narrow Your Features (5 minutes)

Narrow your list of features to the three most important and place them on the Solution Zoom using sticky notes. Review your list of features and select the top three most crucial to your solution. It’s tempting to think all features are equally important, but try to prioritize as best you can.


3. By What Means? (5 minutes)

Document how you will deliver each feature on sticky notes and place them on the Solution Zoom. You should have no more than 3 sticky notes in this section of the tool. Articulate how you will deliver each feature identified in the previous step.

What platform will the features live on? How will you distribute the product to customers? Is there a specific technology required for your solution to work as intended?

Remember not to worry about scaling just yet; the implementation should be whatever is minimally needed to provide the required functionality to one customer.


4. Zoom-in: MVP (10 minutes)

Identify your MVP solution. This is the very minimum required to viably address your customer’s problem. Some questions to think about include:

  • Are there aspects of the idea you plan to automate in the future that can be done manually at first?
  • What is crucial vs. nice-to-have?
  • What nuisance is your customer willing to put up with if their core pain is addressed?


5. Zoom-in: Speed to Value (10 minutes)

Write down the first behavior a user must take in order to gain value from your product and post it to the Solution Zoom. Articulate the very first thing a user must do when attempting to get value from your solution.

From the user’s perspective, how will their first attempt to use your solution play out? Where will they start to actually receive the value you have promised. Hint: this is not just the first action the user must take, but the first action the user takes that provides value.


6. Congrats!

Congratulations! Now it’s time to either get ready to do empathy interviews or design and run an experiment to test your riskiest assumptions.


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