World class companies are winning…and they are losing.  By now, we’ve all heard all of the buzzwords: Product Experience, Marketing Experience, User Experience, but what about Customer Experience? Understanding Customer Experience and how to create delightful experiences for your customers still remains a mystery in most large organizations.

The most successful companies are continuously developing three customer-centric disciplines: Designing for Delight, Delivering for Delight, and Engaging Customers, Talent, and Partners for Delight. Mike Kendall, Managing Director of the Customer Lab and former Director of Customer Experience for Capital One, helps corporations deliver for delight and build loyal champions, not just followers.

In the latest episode, Mike shares critical insights and learnings you need to put to delight your customers to achieve maximum growth potential.

  1. Why do organizations NEED to change?

  2. How to Design, Deliver and Create Winning Customer Experience?

  3. What are key factors behind Customer Experience?

  4. How you create a human, customer-centered culture?

  5. How can YOU Design for Delight?

About Mike Kendall


Mike Kendall is the Managing Director of the Customer Lab. Prior to his work with Customer Lab, he was the Director of Customer Experience for Capital One where he developed an top performing CX team and drove a 50% increase in customer loyalty. In his previous roles, Mike served as a customer experience leader for companies like Humana, and Intuit where he set brand new records for customer web and experience designs and a budget savings of over $1M.

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