Video Interview with Aaron Eden

Bringing an entrepreneurial spirit to large enterprise companies is something that we are passionate about here at Moves the Needle. We do this by educating organizations on how to bring a startup mindset to the table and how to enable their employees to work in this new way of thinking.

It is important for these companies to develop the systems and processes inside the company to support the entrepreneurial mindset, with the ultimate goal of empowering employees to move fast, act bold, and drive impact.

Once the new mindset takes hold, it can spread like wildfire through each of the different departments, all the way to the core of the business, thus transforming the organization and providing a continuous feedback loop of innovation and growth at scale.

But, it all starts with leadership.

With that in mind, our Co-Founders have gotten together to spend some time elaborating on the key behaviors that great leaders need to exhibit in order to create the time and space required for employees to succeed at innovating from within.

This “ask me anything” style interview tackles tough questions on the topic of innovation leadership and provides a unique perspective on why it’s important within an enterprise setting.

In the video, our CEO Brant Cooper grills COO Aaron Eden about his past working as an innovation catalyst at Intuit, his background in software development, and the extremely valuable experiences he’s had over the years working to develop leaders from dozens of organizations across many differing industries.

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Questions Answered:

  • Why is Lean Innovation Leadership Important?

  • From a leadership perspective, how can you implement Lean Startup on physical products?

  • How can you use Lean Innovation in a B2B vs B2C company?

  • What’s the difference between traditional leadership and innovation leadership?

  • As a leader, how do you carve out the space for employees to work on innovation projects when they are busy with their normal jobs? As an individual, how do you pursue innovation initiatives when the organization is stacked against you?

  • Mentor VS Manage: How do you know when to use a mentoring mindset approach versus a management approach?

  • What are some challenges that someone might face when embarking on the journey to becoming an innovation leader?

  • What are some ways that you’ve (Aaron) grown as a leader?

  • How can you identify opportunities to “practice” innovation leadership, even when very few are present within your organization?

  • What are some resources available to aid in the leadership development process?

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