About this Episode

In this episode, we are joined by Michelle Brigman, Director of Customer Experience at 7-Eleven. Michelle shares how, in the face of the global pandemic, 7-Eleven quickly shifted to ensure their over 68,000 store owners and franchisees could continue to meet their customers’ needs. She also provides insight into 7-Eleven’s COVID19 Command Center and how they use this to rapidly collect and respond to insights gained from all parts of their business.

Michelle discusses their digital transformation journey using Lean Innovation techniques. She also explains how she is encouraging her team to bring their “whole self” to work and balance competing priorities (along with a few insights into fried pies, frogs, and the gift of time).

About our Guest

Michelle Brigman is a change and innovation leader with a proven track record of helping companies transition to customer-driven approaches centered on engagement. At 7-Eleven she is focused on bridging the gap between retail and digital to drive transformation for her customers. She has also led transformations at Citi and Dell, where, in her words, “she grew up”. At Citi, she drove the creation of an award-winning real-time digital and social listening program that was recognized by the Customer Experience Professionals Association and was a finalist for Tech Titans’ Corporate Innovation recognition. While at Dell, she co-founded the Global Listening Command Center that was recognized by Forrester, American Business Awards, Bees Award, & Groundswell as the industry benchmark in how companies should engage with customers. She has been recognized as the 2017 IT Executive of the Year by Innotech and Alliance of Technology and Women and is a judge for the 2020 North American Customer Experience Awards. Michelle is also a health coach in training. She calls her new adventure Brave Balanced Women and loves it because she has the opportunity to help people take control of their well-being so they can live the life they want.

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Highlights from Michelle’s Session:

3:42 – Gifts in the midst of a global pandemic

5:25 – Balancing her role as a leader and parent

8:01 – Bringing your whole self to work – supporting her team during stressful times

11:21 – “The more I take care of myself, the more I have to take care of others.” – Michelle’s journey to becoming a certified health coach

13:40 – The biggest challenge for 7-Eleven during the pandemic

15:03 – How 7-Eleven is responding to this challenge at their COVID19 Command Center

18:30 – Prioritizing customer and employee needs

21:07 – Assessing and tracking customer behaviors

22:49 – Connecting franchisees with customers to build loyalty

25:30 – Measuring impact — taking care of customers

29:02 – Responding to unique customer needs and concerns, managing suppliers during the pandemic

32:11 – Quickly learning, innovating, and executing, for customers. MVPs, Agility, Testing & Learning.

36:28 – Hanging on to the magic — breaking down silos

39:46 – Growing up in the country, froggin’ for dinner, and the gift of time and relationships — focusing on the important things

42:09 – Family, fried pies, and living in the moment – Dinner with 2 of her favorite people

43:38 – What’s on her desk — Damn it Doll!

45:11 – 3 Takeaways (1. Reconcile customer say vs. do, 2. Finding the common purpose to innovate, 3. Being self-aware and pausing to take care of yourself to be a better leader and parent.)

46:31 – Special Offer (Free 30 minute coaching session – balancing your product portfolio during a time of crisis)