This episode of Shift features special, Kyle Nel.

Kyle was the Executive Director of Lowe’s Innovation Labs when we recorded this episode and has a unique approach toward innovation which was fun to explore.

They leverage a narrative-driven approach that uses story (and comics) as a strategic tool to map out the future for Lowe’s that they are working to bring to life. They then work backward to build that future, rapidly testing technology prototypes to solve everyday problems.

In the episode, Kyle takes us through his journey of making this the working reality of Lowe’s Innovation Labs.

Other topics we cover are:

  • How to get an innovation lab up and running

  • How to use comic books to build leadership buy-in and excitement

  • How Lowe’s is applying virtual and Augmented Reality

  • How to understand the motivation of the people in your organization

  • How to leverage behavioral economics to drive organizational transformation

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