Leadership Summits

Leaders have already been learning new skills: empathy, empowerment, vulnerability. The challenge has been how to apply this while trying to hit numbers and execute on priorities? Well, the trick is, that if you do these things correctly, your people continue to execute and explore to accomplish priorities better without your management! If you get to the point where you find this to be true, you are suddenly converted into a proactive, strategic leader instead of a reactive fire-fighter.

Mentor vs Management

Manage execution, mentor learning. The fact is that in an increasingly complext world and endless disruption, we face massive amounts of uncertainty. Uncertainty is not solved top-down, however, it must be learned ground-up. Leaders must empower their teams to solve problems where they’re found.

Execute vs Explore

Everyone faces uncertainty. Whether it’s learning how to continuously improve existing best practices or discover completely new processes for niche market segments, those closest to the problems are the best at solving them. Also, increased diversity means a wider range of problems that can be solved.

KPIs vs Learning metrics

As humans we optimize what we measure. If you measure tasks, that’s what you get. If you meausre innovation by # of patents, you get patents. But if you want increased value created for customers since that’s what increases market share and revenues, then you must learn how to measure progress toward desired outcomes.