Mindset Change Workshops

One or two day hands-on, experiential workshops to introduce, practice, or level-up behaviors that develop customer empathy, bust assumptions, and cut through intrinsic biases. Teams become more aware, move faster, and execute bolder ideas.

Workshops are available for practitioners, executive leaders, and in “coach the coach” modules to build internal capabilities. Included:

Meet you where you are

Rather than thinking of popular frameworks as repetitive or zero sum, the integration of design thinking, agile, and lean startup is where the magic is.

Wherever you reside

It really doesn’t matter what function you belong to—they all face uncertainty these days. What matters is how you deal with the unknown.

It's the behavior that counts

Teams practice a blend of agile, design thinking & lean startup to balance execution and exploration work. They establish stakeholder needs while overcoming the “unknown.”

Measure where you're going

People optimize what they measure. You’re stuck if you measure tasks. Instead, learn now to measure progress toward impact.

Driving impact

Ultimately, your teams have missions that aggregate to drive desired outcomes. The work starts by changing mindset that results in behavior that drives growth.