Toward new


We are in the midst of a business revolution.


It’s a time of increased complexity and uncertainty brought on by the digital revolution. The fundamental structure of our institutions is evolving.


The way we work is changing rapidly.


It’s an extraordinary opportunity to build a better world.


We can achieve great things.

Leading the Flow

True leaders create momentum for change not just by inspiring — but also walking the talk.




Balancing execution work with exploration.

Collaboration built-in

Teams working together are key to relevant and permanent change. Given the right skills, sufficient resources and a clear mission, smart people conquer big challenges.

One must:

Teach and practice the skills,

Organize the challenge

Unleash and scale

Efficiency of success

People optimize what they measure. If you only measure efficiency of output, you lose the value creation.

Move the goalpost.

Instead, measure the efficiency of accomplishing the mission.


Gone are the days of centralized, top-down, command and control leadership.

Here are the days of decentralized decision-making, trust in workers to drive impact, and competing once again, on creating value for people.

Here are the days of leaders demonstrating empathy and vulnerability, while inspiring the great achievement.

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