In today’s episode we’re honored to have our guest and Moves the Needle executive advisor Simeon Sessley. Prior to becoming the Director of Strategic Programs at World 50, Simeon played a paramount role in the development of GE Fastworks internal coaching community. Along with my co-host Brant Cooper, we cover a lot of ground and dive into the following topics and then some:

  • Focusing on innovation throughout all business functions, instead of just new products.

  • Building a thriving coaches community within GE.

  • How to effectively balance H1, H2, and H3 work.

  • What H0 is, and how can you drive innovation there.

  • Focusing on changing the way people work through values, systems and structures.

  • The importance of starting with why.

  • And much more…

Enjoy and don’t hesitate to check out our executive advising program for more information about how Moves the Needle might be able to help your organization drive impact.

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