This episode of Shift features special guest, Ryan Staggs. Ryan is the Assistant Vice President of Integration & Mobility Services at the Hospital Corporation of America.

Ryan’s work revolves heavily around increasing innovation within the IT department and making it more nimble and responsive.

In this episode, we dive into how he’s been able to make that happen. When thinking about innovation, people quickly default to new products, so hearing about the impact that Ryan has been able to drive by transforming IT department functions is refreshing.

Other topics include:

  • Innovating how the core business works (within IT, HR, finance, et cetera)

  • Transforming how the IT department functions to be more nimble and responsive

  • Creating a more fulfilling work environment by discovering and creating new value

  • Innovating at scale in a Fortune 70 healthcare organization

  • Leveraging the SEE model for IT – Stabilize, Enhance, Expand

  • Being fearless and willing to fail

  • Building an interactive data visualization for ER in 12 weeks

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