About this Episode

In this episode, Jocelyn Mangan, CEO of Him for Her, joins us to discuss how her social impact enterprise is building the boardroom of the future by addressing the gender gap in for-profit boardrooms to increase diversity. Him for Her’s unique approach overcomes the networking gap responsible for the sparsity of women in the boardroom by engaging business luminaries such as Stacy Brown-Philpot, Reid Hoffman, Jeff Weiner, Eric Yuan, and many more to connect the world’s most talented “hers” to board service. Since its founding in 2018, Him For Her has built a referral-only talent network of over 2,000 board-ready women and delivered free board-referral lists to over 300 companies ranging from start-ups to S&P 100s.

About our Guest

Jocelyn Mangan, CEO of Him for Her is a product technology leader and entrepreneur with over 20 years experience building iconic global products for CitySearch, Ticketmaster, OpenTable, and Snagajob, where she focused on what technology could do for the business. She has a track record of injecting creativity into organizations by recognizing other people’s superpowers and putting them into positions where they can be optimized. Jocelyn also serves on private and public boards, including ChowNow and Papa John’s and is a Henry Crown Fellow at the Aspen Institute. As a business leader, entrepreneur and mother of two, she is an advocate for work and family thriving together.

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Highlights from Jocelyn’s session

01:18 – 01:32 Special offer from Moves The Needle
01:33 – 03:05 Introduction to Jocelyn Mangan
03:05 – 05:04 Overcoming challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic
05:05 – 07:21 Balancing work and family during uncertain and stressful times
07:30 – 10:17 Him For Her’s fascinating origin story, mission, and approach
10:25 – 10:49 From dinner table to online: How Him For Her shifted from in person to virtual networking
12:00 – 13:41 Jocelyn’s advice on how to thrive in a virtual world
13:58 – 16:18 The moment Jocelyn realized her mission was a business
16:28 – 19:20 How Him For Her measures impact and success
19:21 – 21:25 “The world’s messiest marketplace”: How Jocelyn’s design and product background has helped create success at Him For Her
21:51 – 24:18 Advice on how to ensure women get credit for the work being done and getting a seat at the table as a decision maker
25:17 – 28:14 Engaging both men and women to achieve gender equality to achieve better economic and social benefits
28:28 – 29:03 How focusing on diversity in the boardroom is impacting the rest of the organization
30:00 – 31:14 Jocelyn shares one of her most memorable meal experiences
31:32 – 32:39 Jocelyn imagines the three people with whom she would most like to share a meal
32:47 – 34:11 What would you tell your 20 year old self?
34:39 – 35:11 Moves The Needle special offer

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