Parallel work streams



External stakeholder interviews


Case Study

Digital transformation for leap frogging competition

Roche Diagnostics recognized the need to digital transform its products in order to compete in the software-based economy. 

The Situation

Roche diagnostics historical competitive advantage was based upon a global network of lab partners serving healthcare providers and patients with the most innovative diagnostic and monitoring instruments available. This hegemony was threatened, however, by the rapid pace of life sciences innovation and the market need for complex data analytics.

Our Approach

Moves The Needle worked with executive leadership to structure an intensive 90 day accelerator across multiple streams of work that would set the foundation for a completely transformed business based on a first-of-its-kind Lab Integrator Platform.

Really astonished and impressed that we are already looking at technical details as well as the big picture in just 90 days. This goes hand in hand with our strategy and will help us overcome cultural hurdles.”
—- Christoph Landowski, Head of R&D

Our Impact

  • Leadership learned how to mentor and guide teams facing extreme uncertainty
  • Organized “team of teams” aggregation of work to align team missions with leadership priorities
  • Built cross-functional team capabilities with critical interdependencies to work in parallel, communicate, share, and integrate learnings into a larger vision and action plan
  • Hundreds of interviews with internal stakeholders, Lab IT, healthcare providers, and insurers
  • Teams successfully developed a foundation for the E2E digital platform, defined specific components to provide a consolidated view of customer environment and data, created data governance standards, and a roadmap to deliver transformative platform