In today’s episode, we’re really excited to have with us Vanessa Moore, the VP of Programs and Operations at the San Diego Food Bank. They are striving to end hunger in their area by serving over 370,000 individuals every month.

Not too long ago, they went through one of our Lean Innovation Bootcamps tailored for Nonprofit and Social Impact organizations. As a result, they reinvented their volunteer program to better serve their stakeholders and have changed the way the organization functions when it comes to creating new value.

We’re also lucky to have as my co-host, Amelia Klawon, one of the leaders of our Nonprofit and Social Impact organization programs and services. If you’re interested in learning more about that, please don’t hesitate to reach out here.

Other topics that we’ll discuss include:

  • How the San Diego Food Bank goes about identifying new ways to create value.

  • How to put a repeatable, creative system in place.

  • How they reinvented their volunteer program.

  • The huge importance of having leadership buy-in.

  • How to do customer development with leadership and other employees.

  • How to go from empathy and experiments to a brand new initiative and roll-out.


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