Slide The Team is the New Unit of Work

The team is the new unit of work.  

Teams are organized in service to the mission. In any given moment a different player takes lead. The team is resilient, pushing forward after being knocked back. It is aware, looking outside itself for new information. It is dynamic, adapting to the flow. It is one agile unit within a system of units maneuvering toward the final goal.

Middle management require new skills to manage uncertainty.

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Modern organizations require a new communications flow.

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Nevermind the future of work — what should work look like today?

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Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to not merely execute the plan, but to empower teams to learn how to create value for customers and stakeholders.


Teams are authorized to act, responsible for outcomes, and called to communicate. The team is its own hub within a larger system, continuously exploring, learning, and executing toward its mission..

Team of Teams

Efficient organizations reflect a flow of communications, networked knowledge, distributed decisions in service to aligned priorities. It creates value for customers and stakeholders.