Toolkit - Moves the Needle


The Toolkit Contains:

Customer Zoom Tool

The better you understand customers and their needs, the more likely you will be able to address their needs. The Customer Zoom Tool helps you describe the characteristics and behaviors of real people, in order for you to learn their needs, desires, and aspirations.


Problem Zoom Tool

After you have zoomed in on your customer, zoom in on specific problems or needs that you hope to address. The Problem Zoom Tool helps you describe the customer’s obstacles and desired outcomes.

Solution Zoom Tool

To identify the specific functionality you must deliver in order to provide value to your customer, you create a hypothesis of what your Minimum Viable Product might require. The Problem Zoom Tool helps you figure out what to validate before building.

Value Stream Discovery Board

Customers, users, or stakeholders must go through 7 states to go from being Aware to Passionate for any product or service. This tool helps you identify  what you must supply to get them to each state, the behavior that indicates that they are at a particular state, and how to measure your progress.

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