We help you “move the needle”

You have no time, a stretched team, and uncertainty about how you’re going to achieve your aggressive goals.

We meet you where you are, augmenting current capabilities with “exploration” work to:

  • Uncover new revenue opportunities
  • Lay the foundation for future growth
  • Improve operational efficiency

Whether you are a leader seeking to increase internal collaboration, a product manager testing new product ideas, or a marketer looking for new customer acquisition channels, exploration management and tactics are required.

What if we could improve these without a huge time investment?

We Teach

Moves the Needle offers tailored programs based on Lean Innovation principles that deliver bottom-line results.


  • Exploration Days employee event (1-3 days)
  • Exploration Sprints (5 days)
  • Digital Transformation Accelerator (variable)
  • Value Stream Discovery (1 day)
  • Product Management best practices  (1 day)
  • Exploration Accelerator (90 days)
  • Blends Design Thinking, Lean Startup & Agile
  • Learn by doing on real business challenges
  • Reusable EQ & IQ tools and templates
  • Personalized coaching
  • Tailored agendas to meet specific needs

  • Solutions to real business challenges
  • Evidence-supported product ideas
  • Inspired, engaged employees
  • New leadership skills that drive change
  • Improved communications flow

We Coach

Our experts develop your coaches to help teams uncover new growth opportunities, while improving work prioritization and execution efficiency.


  • Center of Excellence Development
  • Coach the Coach Program
  • Growth Board Development
  • Project Impact Metrics
    • Upleveling empathy, experimentation & agility
    • Developing Agile EQ 
    • Live observation with actionable feedback
    • Personal development missions
    • Certification


    • Scaling exploration capabilities
    • Internal coaches sustain and accelerate gains
    • Teams make immediate impact
    • Leaders catalyze the new way of working
    • Implementation of metrics that track impact 

    We Advise

    Moves the Needle advisory services align people’s work with strategic priorities, supporting both short and long term goals.

    • Digital Transformation Architecture
    • Needs Portfolio Analysis
    • Scaling Agility
    • Entrepreneur in Residence
    • Product Management Development
    • Organization assessment
    • Aligning work with priorities
    • Senior executive coaching
    • Introducing Progress Impact Metrics


    • Evidence based project prioritization
    • Org design that reinforces business agility
    • Better resource allocation and alignment
    • High-performance, evidence-based culture
    • More proactive and strategic leadership