Pardon the pun, but we’re here to help you “move the needle”.

You have no time, stretched staff, and massive amounts of uncertainty on how you’re going to achieve your aggressive goals.

We meet you where you are: augmenting current capabilities with “exploration” work that improves operational efficiency, uncovers new revenue opportunities, and lays the foundation for future growth.

Seeking to increase internal collaboration? Looking to improve customer delight? Wanting to test new customer acquisition channels? Have a new product idea?

What if we could imrpove these without a huge time investment? To good to be true? Read on.

We Teach*

We offer tailored workshops, sprints, and accelerator programs depending on the challenge at hand. All our work is hands-on-doing, working on real business outcomes. This isn’t theory, it’s hard work. It’s rewarding for the individuals involved, as well as the organization. Examples include:

Exploration Sprint – A week-long engagement where participants learn to leverage human-centered design, rapid experimentation, and “agile-lite” work practices to discover customer insights, develop bold solutions, and drive near term impact.

Product Management Workshop – Participants learn basic product management skills, plus empathy, rapid experimentation, and using evidence to build and enhance products that delight customers.

Digital Transformation Accelerator – 90 days internal “startup-like” accelerator program to discover, test, and validate new go-to-market strategies and product ideas.

Exploration Days Workshop – Open to all employees, participants work on validating ideas that solve real business challenges, in a fun, fast-paced environment. Attendees leave inspired, having really contributed to achieving organizational missions.

HR People Engagement Workshop – Human Resources professionals learn how to develop empathy, run rapid experiments, and operate in an agile way to solve the challenging retention and engagement issues they face.

We Coach

We hone your exploration craft to optimize the efficiency of your execution engine, while uncovering new growth opportunities. Our expert coaches observe, provide actionable feedback, and challenge leaders to achieve their next level of great. Whether it’s one-to-one or one-to-many, we up-level the ability to develop great talent, delight customers, and deliver bottom-line results.

Agile EQ –  For organizations with existing lean or agile coaches, we up-level skillsets to include dealing with uncertainty through empathy and rapid experimentation. This improves sprint planning for instance, so that product enhancements delight customers.

Progress Impact Metrics – Many organizations are stuck with aging KPIs when what they need is visibility into achieving aggressive goals. Borrowing from Value Stream Discovery and startup investment metrics, we help leaders establish the right way to measure progress in today’s high-performance environment.

Growth Board – Empowering teams to discover new opportunities is one thing, but helping leaders effectively manage those teams is another entirely. Organizations promote without up-leveling leadership skills, assuming managers can lead teams. Knowing how to mentor vs manage, act like an investor, and remove obstacles dramatically improves team performance.

We Advise

Our objective is to align people’s work with strategic priorities. You should be able to draw a straight line between what people do and desired outcomes. Our advisory services can get you there. We help you create cascading missions, communications flow, performance metrics, and market needs analyses in support of both your short and long term.

Needs Portfolio Analysis –  Customer needs don’t change much–who the customers are and how those needs are addressed do. Your strategic plan must look at all the levers, from M&A to product portfolio to emerging markets, in order properly allocate resources in service to your priorities.

Cascading Missions – While proper Agile promises a flatter organization, centralization and hierarchy are still necessary; necessary, but different. The keys to a high performance organization include proper resource allocation on mission-assigned teams, the proper layers to ensure integration of work and alignment, and a purposeful communication flow that prevents gaps, orphaned work, or undesired redundancy.

Trusted Advisor – All change, big and small, runs into obstacles. MTN advisors help overcome the obstacles, based on 1000s of hours working with corporate leaders and decades of both startup and corporate experience in all phases of success and failure.

*We also “do”. To learn more about our Corporate Studio services, please reach out below.