Hands-on, intensive, impactful

Workshops & Sprints

Exploration Sprints — 2-5 day learn-by-doing workshops focused on lean innovation skills.

Leadership Workshops — 1-2 day deep dive into managing uncertainty, empowering teams, developing accountability metrics, and balancing execution with exploration.

Value Stream Discovery — 1 day workshop teaching how to develop and apply metrics to measure progress toward KPIs or OKRs.

Exploration Days — 1-2 day employee “hackathon” event. teaching and applying Lean Innovation skills to business challenges.

Speaking 1-2 hour inspirational talks + Q&A on the “Human Side of Digital Transformation”, “Digital Age Century Leadership”, and more.


  • Solutions to real business challenges
  • Evidence-supported product ideas
  • Inspired, engaged employees
  • New leadership skills that drive change
  • Improved communications and alignment

Transformation Services

  • Lean Innovation Accelerator — Intensive 90 days program managing cross-functional product teams, implementing blend of design thinking, lean startup, and agile practices.
  • Leadership Coaching — Supporting new leaderships skills for managing fast-moving, customer-centric, agile teams.
  • Digital Transformation Consulting — Creation of a transforming blueprint.
  • Needs Portfolio Analysis — Analysis and prioritization of product portfolio across time horizons based on market opportunity.
  • Entrepreneur in Residence — Leadership support, growth board implementation, and product opportunity evaluation.


  • Evidence based project prioritization
  • Org design that reinforces business agility
  • Better resource allocation and alignment
  • High-performance, evidence-based culture
  • More proactive and strategic leadership