How can design thinking and Lean Innovation methodology help grow your company?

This week, Dan Kaiser shares insights and important perspective that he has gained during his successful launch of the CUNA Innovation Center.

In the latest episode, Dan shares his expertise in answering the following key questions when it comes to creating breakthrough initiatives and launching an innovation center in large, successful insurance companies:

  1. How do YOU get started with a new innovation center?

  2. What are some key aspects of launching an innovation center?

  3. How do you balance stakeholders and grow the program in a sustainable way?

  4. How do you break through internal political barriers?

  5. How do you build internal policies critical to the long term survival of the Innovation center?

About Dan Kaiser @CUNAMutualGroup

Dan Kaiser is the Senior Vice President Innovation at CUNA Mutual Group where he has established, built and currently leads a team applying key innovation practices like “lean startup” and design thinking disciplines to an industry-disrupting, new insurance solution. As a top corporate priority and multi-million dollar investment into a completely new and innovative area of insurance and financial services, Dan applies decades of expertise.

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