Sometimes the best way to spur mindset change is a little inspiration. Sometimes, it’s difficult to see what’s going on in a macro sense, when mired in the micro. The times, they are a changin’ someone once said. We are no longer in the Industrial Age. We need adopt a Digital Age mindset. We know that when we’re staring at our smartphones, but do we understand what that means at work? 

No really, what does that mean?

It means customers have incredible power at their finger tips. If we’re not necessarily competing against specific products, we’re certaintly competing for mindshare. How can we cut through the noise? Answer = Empathy work.

How is it different?

A handful of companies producing a handful of products meant features were no big deal. The refrigerator itself was a huge jump in the quality of life. Today new features aren’t enough. It’s more complext. We must Explore the unknown.

Core vs Edge

When technical risk was primary, smart people could dictate from the top down. When market risk is primary, knowledge must flow from the ground up. Company organization and management must reflect this shift.